Capture Component

The Capture Component controls and verifies the character recognition and validation process of any document type with SAP.

After successful character recognition and archiving of a paper-based invoice, the InvoiceChannel immediately takes control of the workflow. The Capture Component controls the sequence of character recognition and validation steps after the early archiving independent of the document type. It is not entirely focused on invoice recognition, even arrival confirmations, SEPA mandates, analysis certificates can be preprocessed with the Capture Component for further editing in out solutions.

With its highly flexible structure the Capture Component can control many different OCR providers, like TCG, Canon, Insiders and many more. This flexibility allows the integration of already implemented OCR providers or the selection of a new OCR provider according to customer requirements

After successful recognition and validation the invoice data is transferred to the IC mask for further completion and processing in the InvoiceChannel.

Supported OC providers


Benefits at a glance

  • Controls Capture and Validation process
  • Capture process is document-type independent
  • Integration of existing OCR providers
  • Integration of new OCR provider based on customer requirements

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