Document Service Engine

Documents are transmitted in many different formats and structures. Frequently, the document you receive is not in a condition that is suitable for further processing and must first be converted manually and then integrated into the process. Wouldn't it be good for this to happen reliably in the background during the processing?

For example, you receive an order by email with 3 attachments. However, only one document is expected in the workflow and only one is processed and automatically displayed to the administrator. Other examples: You receive an electronic invoice in TIF format, but only PDF documents can be reliably displayed on the (web) workstations. Or in an order confirmation you find a barcode that you need for automated further processing. A business partner asks you to deliver documents in a certain format that you are not able to create automatically.

All this often leads to unnecessary interim steps, in which the documents are elaborately processed manually or even printed and scanned again. Much of the added value of automated processes is thereby destroyed. Not so with the PSINOVA Document Service Engine!

The service can be integrated into your SAP process at a suitable location and reliably converts documents according to your specifications into the target format. The resulting document can then be processed directly. Manual intervention is not required.

Relieve your employees and business partners from unnecessary extra work. Relieve your IT department by consolidating your in-house document formats.

The Document Service Engine creates the prerequisite for efficient document processing!

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