The XML-Extractor is the newest component for the PSINOVA email interface. Until today XML data that was received was automatically transformed into a PDF or other document file and then was processed via the OCR system afterwards. With the XML Extractor it is possible to process XML data directly, without any conversions. This ensures the highest data quality for the processing steps and supersedes a further data validation with the result of fast and efficient data processing.

In the further process all supplier, provider and country-specific XML data are transformed with substitution tables in a unfied SAP view and further on processed within the InvoiceChannel. Whether ZUGFeRD (Germany), YellowBill (Switzerland), pure XML data oder integrated XML data is received, all XML data can be processed with the XML Extractor for a future-fit invoice processing.


  • Direct extraction and data transfer of the XML data received via email
  • Tax and commercial law compliant (audit proof) archiving
  • Consistent data basis of different suppliers with substitution tables
  • Full ZUGFeRD support for German customers
  • Full YellowBill support for Swiss customers

Benefits at a glance

  • No separate character recognition and validation necessary
  • Highest data quality
  • More cost efficienct and faster processing compared to standard XML data processing

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