Incoming documents increasingly also contain data that are intended as the content of the document for further electronic processing. The form and format of these data may vary. As a recipient, it is a challenge to be able to interpret and process these contents correctly. If data is supplied in addition to documents, the document should be archived, but the data extracted and processed. This does not make it easy for the recipient to use the advantages of this data efficiently.

Let's take the invoice receipt as an example. There are different situations here:

  • The invoice comes as a document without data
  • The invoice comes as an XML dataset without a document or the document is integrated in the XML.
  • The invoice comes as a document with an XML data file containing the invoice data.
  • The invoice comes as a PDF document with embedded invoice data (e.g. in ZUGFeRD format).

In inbound processing, the correct processing steps are carried out with these different situations.
An important step here is taken over by the XML extractor. This component makes it possible to recognize the type of XML based on defined patterns.
The content of the XML data can then be extracted application-specific and Customizing-based and transferred to the respective application.
The XML-Extractor also extracts and archives embedded documents.
The configuration and adaptation of the extraction can also be carried out by the customer through simple customizing.


  • Extraction of almost any XML structure
  • Customizing-Based Extraction and Further Processing
  • Integration into automated workflow processes

Your advantages

  • Harmonisation of incoming document processing
  • Improving multi-channel processing
  • Use of existing information
  • Reduction of recording and processing effort
  • Accelerated process execution with better quality

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