SD Connector

The SAP integrated information, offer, supply and ordering system

Globalization is determining the critical competitive situation we find ourselves in and makes demands on companies' sales and after-sales processes. Would you like to increase customer satisfaction and increase efficiency through business process optimization with web shops, product information systems (PIM) and process automation?

SAP ERP bietet hier die perfekte Basis mit Daten und effizienten Prozessen.

SAP ERP offers the perfect basis with data and efficient processes. PSINOVA provides standardized SAP certified interfaces to integrate data with the SAP independent Web Shop or PIM of your choice:

  • Provides master data from SAP, can be extended as required
  • Real-time shopping cart price and availability queries
  • Order processing from inquiry to estimate to purchase order in SAP Workflow controlled, automated or in dialog with sales agents
  • Process automation also for unstructured orders via OCR integration
  • Remaining unstructured order receipt documents such as paper, fax or email can also be processed

The SD Connector was developed in collaboration with OnlineConsulting for the products Service Engine and Webshop / PIM


  • Master Data Export: Customer Data, Article Master (Replacement Parts), Inventory (Replacement Parts), Machines Sold, Machine Article Master, List Prices, Optional Parts Lists Categories and Parts Lists
  • Online order processing: Request, Order, Estimate, Order Documents. Including workflow for order processing: In contrast to pure BAPI background processing with analysis of the error messages, if a purchase order / order cannot be processed, a workflow for the dialog processing is sent via VA01 to the appropriate agent.
  • Shopping cart online availability and pricing queries


Here is where PSINOVA functional modules are used to achieve results:

  • To make an availability check, pricing and order processing online via a Web service call (SOAP)
  • To buffer, convert and, using corresponding SAP standard BAPIs called SAP Business Workflow Control, display data for processing in SAP tables

Daten für die Verarbeitung in SAP Tabellen zwischenspeichert, konvertiert und mittels entsprechenden SAP-Standard- BAPIs Aufrufen SAP Business Workflowsteuerung die Prozess abbilden

  • To provide the master data regularly in the desired format in an exchange directory


  • Out-of-the-box data interface for operating web shops and general order processing
  • PSINOVA supports and maintains the SAP interface
  • Internal SAP resources remain preserved on Web Shop projects

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