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The PSITAX tax allocation tool allows Swiss companies to simply and efficiently manage their tax allocations for municipalities and cantons. According to the Swiss Tax Code, cantons and municipalities are entitled to a share of the profit and capital tax according to the importance of individual branches, distribution centers or other properties on the success of a company. The determination of this distribution is an enormous challenge for large companies every year. Comprehensive data from postings from different systems and from different areas must be recorded, organized and cross-calculated with each other every year. Frequently, this is a task that requires weeks to months of manual preparation and execution. PSINOVA's PSITAX tax allocation tool significantly reduces processing time and expenditure. In a uniform SAP interface, all data can be processed centrally and the tax allocations can be created for all tax offices.

Integration with the tax calculation software Dr. Tax (Ringler Informatik AG) is based on the fact that the expected tax load can be calculated automatically in advance and thus enables prompt liquidity planning.

PSITAX is also able to assist you in the automated processing and monitoring of tax returns. To this end, incoming tax calculations (possibly automated) can be posted and compared against the previously calculated tax amount. If the amount is exceeded, the invoice is initially blocked and can be checked and released using workflow.

PSITAX offers convenient and comprehensive functionalities for accelerating and facilitating tax processing, from allocation to billing.


  • Central tool for the creation of all tax allocations
  • Complete integration of the tax calculation software Dr. Tax from Ringler Informatik AG
  • Automated billing and control based on expected tax calculations
  • Complete SAP R/3 architecture

Your Advantages

  • Efficient creation of all tax allocations
  • Significant reduction of expenditures when creating tax allocations
  • Immediate transparency and prompt basis for liquidity planning
  • Reliable and reproducible results
  • Security and automation in tax accounting

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