The Dynamic TaskManager is an intuitive tool for dynamic, hierarchical task managing. To this end, it supports the assignment, feedback, and tracing / overview of any freely definable tasks the way they frequently occur in a company and during projects. It allows a gradual refinement and further assignment without losing sight of the overall connection and the purpose.

It is particularly suited for tasks which require a multi-level division of labor and which achieve the objective by means of a hierarchical execution of all subtasks. This is typical for projects.

In addition, the tool represents an effective ad hoc workflow management system. It allows to use the manifold opportunities of the SAP Business Workflow in a very simple way and without workflow skills to a large extent without substantial previous knowledge.

The definition of a task is carried out textually and is as simple as the writing of an e-mail. As in the case of e-mailing the definition process ends with sending the task to a recipient. The latter receives the task through his or her electronic inbox and can initiate the necessary steps. In contrast to the e-mail, the SAP Business Workflow sends tasks (work items) that allow a direct integration with necessary application functions and offer a variety of further helpful end-user functions.


  • Agent functions with role
  • Functions for task structuring
  • Scalable task definitions
  • Use of SAP Business Workflows
  • Complete R/3 based architecture

Benefits at a glance

  • Targeted task distribution
  • Active deadline monitoring
  • Better use of standard tools
  • Ready to use

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