WorkFlow Priority Manager

The Workflow Priority Manager is designed to assist accounting agents during the processing of workflows. This tool automatically prioritizes all documents and tasks of an accounting agent and defines which documents and which tasks need to be executed. It also defines the priority and the deadlines of the tasks, such that measurable goals can be set and evaluated.

The prioritization by the Workflow Priority Manager can be used universally for all workflows. For example, documents from a certain supplier, invoices with a certain gross value or invoices with a çertain invoice date can be given a higher priority. Through this prioritization, documents with a higher relevance can be identified and thus processed first.


  • Prioritization of all documents and tasks in the background
  • Central control of the prioritization
  • Universal use for all workflows
  • Full SAP R/3 architecture

Benefits at a glance

  • Efficient processing of workitems
  • Reduced dunning costs due to timely processing of workitems
  • Ready to use
  • Intuitive operation

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