WorkFlow Role Manager

The WorkFlow Role Manager enables process owners and workflows administrators to perform complex configurations of the agent determination in a few steps.

The rights and assignments used in the workflow of subordinate employees are set and managed to find the responsible agent for each processing step. The configuration will be made in an easy and user-friendly interface outside the development environment. It also offers more options and possibilites compared to the standard procedure.

Due to the configured rights of the agents it is possible to implement an automated agent determination. The rights, for example, to approve invoices for minor assets can be delegated with the WorkFlow Role Manager to one employee. In the future this employee will receive all workitems for minor assets in his Business Workplace for further processing.

It is also possible to create a standard/default user: If no matching agent is found with the automated agent determination, the task will be automatically forwarded to the default user. In a further step this user can edit this workitem or forward it to the appropiate employee.


  • Main tool for the configuration of the agent determination
  • Configuration outside the development environment
  • Extensive configuration options compared to the standard procedure
  • Agent determination in a uniform interface
  • Integrated default user – reliable processing of all tasks
  • Full R/3 architecture

Benefits at a glance

  • Significant reduction of implementation costs for agent determination
  • Simplified maintenance of user rights with a key-user in a user-friendly interface
  • Intuitive operation
  • Ready to use

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