Data from SAP for processes that cannot or should not be displayed in SAP are typically provided through regular data exports directly or interactively through queries. For example, purchase requisitions are created with SAP master data and account assignment elements in an external web application like SharePoint.
While integrating data from external processes, it is possible to run into bulk data imports or that transactional processing takes place in the dialog with SAP. Data can be easily processed from processes originating outside the company such as customer orders or internal processes such as expense reimbursement requests.
If non-SAP users participate in SAP processes interactively an email alert is displayed by SAP and a display of the task on the web or SharePoint form is provided.
Releases for invoices or budgets can be obtained through SAP external user interfaces.

PSINOVA offers

  • standardized SAP Master Data Export to CSV or XML
  • direct interactive queries via RFC, web service or OData
  • standardized tools for data import with data conversion from CSV, XML, or generally data that is displayed as key-value pairs
  • direct transactional processing via RFC, web service or OData
  • standardized connection of ORM SAP Business Workflow processes via e-mail notification and providing task content on the Web server with display options via web services in any application such as web portals, sample forms or SharePoint interfaces

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