Yellowbill invoice receipt in SAP without hurdles

Electronic invoice exchange is becoming increasingly important. The Swiss Post's Yellowbill method offers a large number of clients and vendors the basis for electronic invoice processing. The basis for the data exchange is the standardized Yellowbill XML format. However, the questions that keep arising for SAP customers is how the data in the SAP system imports and be involved in the invoice process? Where does the conversion take place? And how can I process individual content, i.e. account assignment information? How is invoice data and the invoice document in SAP abgelegt and processed? The PSINOVA Yellowbill to SAP interface offers the solution!

Der Datenverkehr basiert auf dem Yellowbill-XML-Format. Für SAP-Kunden stellt sich dabei jedoch immer wieder die Frage, wie können die Daten im SAP-System importiert und in den Rechnungsprozess eingebunden werden?


The PSINOVA Yellowbill to SAP-interface allows for the direct import of Yellowbill XML documents into SAP ERP without pre-processing or conversions being necessary. The documents can be picked up from Webservice or sFTP from the Swiss Post portal. In SAP, based on pre-defined but flexibly modifiable customizing settings, the PSINOVA XML extractor provides the necessary data from the data set to the subsequent processing and/or it initializes the subsequent processing and places it in an internal SAP invoice format. The invoice document is also accepted by the XML Extractor, archived in the content repository and passed on to the process.The interface can be quickly installed, tested and commissioned thanks to preconfigured extraction and the internal use of SAP standard formats and functionalities.

Your Advantages

You accelerate through the exchange of electronic invoices and simplify handling for you and your business partners. You save time and increase quality. Time-consuming invoice scanning and capturing is eliminated. Detection errors belong to the past.

With PSINOVA's Yellowbill to SAP interface you integrate the newest innovation into your invoice processing!

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