As a member of VeR (Verband elektronische Rechnung [E-Invoice Alliance]), we support the format ZUGFeRD (Zentraler User Guide des Forums elektronische Rechnung Deutschland [Central User Guide of the Forum electronic invoice Germany]) for the exchange of electronic invoices. With this standard, relevant invoice data can be either directly exchanged electronically between the billing and receiving parties or via an e-invoicing service. The ZUGFeRD invoice consists of a visual presentation in PDF format and an embedded XML file with the necessary billing data.

Your Advantages

  • faster processing times in invoice processing
  • Automatic data transfer reduces mistakes and speeds up updating
  • Direct cost savings by eliminating printing paper, envelopes and postage costs
  • Electronic invoicing without consultation between the invoicing parties necessary regarding the format such as with EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)

Using XML-Extractor, a component of our core product for automatic invoice processing InvoiceChannel, the data from ZUGFeRD invoices are extracted and processed. In further processing the content and official checks can then be made and billing information for booking and payment proposals are automatically adopted.

In addition to ZUGFeRD Yellowbill, the XML extractor also receives and processes international formats of electronic invoices as XML files or integrated XML files as a generic application for electronic invoice receipt.

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