Tax Allocation in SAP

Allocation, tax declaration and invoicing in one solution!

Easily and efficiently create your tax allocations for the appropriate municipalities and cantons with PSITAX and significantly reduce your expenses. No more endless Excel spreadsheets with impenetrable formulas!

Instead, clean data, fixed and comprehensible calculation rules that you can always understand - simple, intuitive operation and reliable results. PSITAX generates all the necessary output for tax returns. Calculate your anticipated tax burden directly and in advance! Provisions and liquidity planning have a solid basis. Even the automation of your tax returns or the (uninterrupted!) evaluation of currently paid and/or outstanding taxes is a breeze with PSINOVA PSITAX.

Using our solution, our customers can save many days of painstaking data collection, validation, conversion and processing every year. What formerly took weeks to complete is now taken care of in a few hours. And PSINOVA PSITAX provides even significantly more than was previously possible.

It's not only the tax department which is enthused. Management also benefits - the company's financial strategy can be better planned based on the data provided.
Even the municipalities and cantons benefit occasionally from the solution - they can get information faster and more reliably and optimize their budget planning based on the available data.

Thus is PSINOVA PSITAX a valuable and value-added solution for customers who need to calculate their annual tax allocation in Switzerland.

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