Frequently, credit notes for returns must be released by managers or supervisors. As a rule, all credit notes are printed within the company and submitted for manual signature. In the following, the original credit note is sent and the document is saved. An overview of currently released amounts is not possible. The CreditChannel automates your credit process, minimizing the manual effort and increasing the transparency of the business process.

The Process

Sales employees generate a return order or a credit note order in the customer system. After the creation of the credit note, PSINOVA Object Release Management (ORM) begins an automatic release control and control. For a particularly customer-friendly return process, there is the option of a quantity-controlled automatic release. In the case of direct customer contact, a return can be automatically released and paid out if it does not exceed a certain amount. This ensures the highest level of customer satisfaction with simultaneous transparency by means of complete logging.

After creating the return order, the release of the credit note is sent automatically to the manager/supervisor of the person who created it or to another responsible person. This is accomplished by means of automatic agent determination. In their task list on the web, they receive a message about a new, open release for a credit note order. Through a clear and user-friendly tabular presentation of all open releases, the processing agent can view all important information, such as the value, the date of the credit note or the type of the credit note, and can release several credit notes at the push of a button. It is also possible to obtain all information for a specific credit note by clicking on it, or to view the original documents and to execute a release of a single credit note. For the complete transparency of the returns process, all steps are documented and archived together with all documents in a revision-proof manner. Ultimately, the process is terminated with the request for payout of the return.

Your Benefits

  • Accelerated and unified credit process
  • Reduction of the manual effort by eliminating the paper flow
  • Release of multiple SD credits
  • Value-dependent immediate release of return orders
  • Evaluation options for all return orders
  • Release control and approval processes via SAP, the web and mobile devices
  • Use of SAP security scenarios
  • Continuous logging of processes, revision (audit-proof) security

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