With the InvoiceChannel you get the perfect, tailored-made and modular solution for the automation of invoice processing. Starting from invoice receipt and onward to release and booking in SAP the InvoiceChannel ensures greater transparency and efficiency in your business processes.

Streamlined Process – More Efficiency

Whether invoices are received as EDI-invoices, e-invoices, email invoices or as paper invoices – the InvoiceChannel processes all the invoices it receives in a consistent, integrated and efficient SAP workflow.

The Process

In general, invoices are received in many different formats. The InvoiceChannel processes all types of invoices, with the help of the corresponding frameworks and tools – the Components. Whether EDI-invoices, e-invoices or traditional paper invoices, all invoices can be processed with the InvoiceChannel. The invoices are checked for SAP master data, like bank data, payment terms, existing purchasing orders or goods receipt.

From early archiving on, the SAP Business Workflow performs controlling and monitoring of the whole process. It ensures the correct sequence of the processing steps and calling up of the involved components and interfaces. The complete structure based on SAP standarts and user-friendly web applications enables intuitive operation and administration.

Complete background processing is possible for transactions without deviations, invoices with purchase references or for recurring processes.

During the invoice process, the SAP Business Workplace is used as a central platform for monitoring all active processes and as a starting point for the InvoiceChannel mask, as well as for further processing of tasks in SAP.

The InvoiceChannel form provides the employees with a central, powerful user interface for all bills and transactions - virtually as a "universal transaction in SAP for all billing types". From material invoices (MM) to cost accounting (FI), partial and payment invoices, invoices, transportation invoices, to complex postings, all invoice types can be processed quickly and efficiently using account assignment aids. Even ad-hoc payments for freelancers are possible.
With the InvoiceChannel mask, a comprehensive user interface for all types of invoices and process will be delivered – it can be seen as a kind of universal transaction for all types of invoices in SAP. From material invoices (MM), cost accounting (FI), invoices for partial delivery, down payment invoices, attachments, invoices for delivery up to complex bookings – all types of invoices can be processed easily and efficient with account assignments. Even ad-hoc payments for freelancers can be processed.

With easily-customizable approval workflows, as well as an optional automated agent determination, the time-consuming search for responsible accounting agents can be eliminated. They automatically receive an email notification about open tasks and are able to approve the tasks, via SAP, web browsers or mobile devices like smarthphones or tablets – while all the time being controlled and monitored by the SAP Business Workflow.

An additional montoring tool for all documents within the InvoiceChannel will be provided with the InvoiceChannel Monitor. The approval status, responsible accounting clerks, as well as all necessary information about the document can be checked and monitored for increased transparency.

The Benefits

  • An accelerated and unified process for all types of invoices including ad-hoc payments
  • Transparency and control of the process through highly flexible release workflows
  • Release and approval workflows via SAP, web and mobile devices
  • Automated agent determination
  • Increased cash discount revenues through compliance of payment terms and integrated escalation functions
  • Use of SAP security functions and continuous logging of processes
  • Fully audit-compliant

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