The PaybackChannel automates the processing of all expense refunds with SAP - for an efficient refund process and increased employee satisfaction.

Streamlined Process – More Efficiency

In general expense refunds are typically associated with high administrative effort. This often leads to a lot of frustration because you have to fill out lengthy paper forms and long manual approval workflows for applicants and for the agents frustration because of incomplete or illegible forms as well as time-consuming clarification and approval processes.
The PaybackChannel offers an efficient and intuitive solution for the automated refund process using SAP and user-friendly web interfaces. Internal and external employees are able to use this tool.

The Process

Employees use a web form in their browser to transfer all necessary refund data, like the expense amount, date and cause of the expense. Further documents can be uploaded via the web-interface of the PaybackChannel.
For further processing. the complete form including all uploaded documents will be transferred to a standard, pre-defined email account. The SAP processing workflow begins with the electronic transmission of the form. In this workflow the responsible agent will be determined, based on the refund value and on corporate compliance guidelines. After approval of the responsible agent the refund process will be transferred to an accounting agent in the controlling department. All optionally received paper documents will be scanned and linked to the SAP document. After a final approval, a payment order will be booked in SAP, the refund will be released for payment and finally archived according to standard accounting requirements.

The Benefits

  • Accelerated and unified process for expense refunds
  • Complete transparency and control along the whole refund process
  • Access and control of the process and document upload at any time
  • Intuitive GUI
  • Improved employee satisfaction
  • Use of SAP security functions
  • Full audit-compliant

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