Object Release Management

The Object Release Management (ORM) controls the complete approval workflow for any document type. It is a generic release control for objects in SAP which uses approval schemes linked to the object properties to start and control corresponding workflows.

Any scheme definition can be customized inside the approval workflow of ORM. This flexibility allows for example single-level approval workflows for minor-value assets up to multi-level workflows. In this process the ORM assists the accounting clerk with automated agent determination with help of predefined approval schemes. For the accounting clerk it's not necessary to know each responsible employee, ORM will determine the employee automatically.

In case of invoice processing the PSINOVA ORM reduces dunning costs to a minimum and maximizes cash discount revenues with the integrated escalation process. With the start of the approval workflow predefined deadlines to fulfill a task are set. PSINOVA ORM controls and monitors these deadlines and warns all responsible employees when the deadline will exceed.

The ORM is highly flexible in use: invoice processing, credit voucher approvals, refund approvals, pay rise approval in the HR department and many more approval workflows for any document type can be controlled and monitored by the PSINOVA Object Release Management. This will guarantee highest transparency in your business processes.


  • Object approvals based on value and type of the document
  • Automated agent determination
  • Control of any approval workflow process
  • Single-level or multi-level approval workflows
  • Integrated escalation management

Benefits at a glance

  • Approval workflows for any document type
  • Easy control of workflow processes
  • Complete transparency of the workflow process
  • Higher cash discount revenues and lower dunning costs due to escalation management in case of invoice processing

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