Connection to SAP Webshop Order Processing

The SAP-Integrated Information, Quote and Order System.

Globalization determines the critical competitive situation and challenges companies, sales processes as well as after-sales processes. Would you like to increase efficiency and customer satisfaction through business process optimization with web shops, product information systems (PIM) and process automation?
SAP ERP provides the perfect base here with data and efficient processes. With the SD connector standardized SAP-certified interface, PSINOVA offers you a way integrating your data with the SAP-independent Web Shop or with the PIM of your choice:

  • Supply of master data from SAP expandable to master data
  • Real-time price and availability queries
  • Order processing from request to offer to order in SAP-automated process automation or process automation which takes place in the dialogue with responsible agents also for unstructured orders via OCR-Integration.
  • Remaining unstructured order documents such as paper, faxes or emails can also be processed.
  • The order contents are automatically read with OCR technology.
  • The order can be automated or it can be logged in the SAP dialog with the responsible agent.

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