Credit Memo Request

Manual effort is minimized and transparency increased

Frequently credits for returns must first be released by a superior. Credit Channel automates your credit process and thus minimizes the manual effort and increases the transparency of the business process.

How it works

Sales staff generate a return order or a credit order in the customer system. After creating the credit order Object Release Management (ORM) automatically starts release management and control. For a particularly customer-friendly returns process, there is an amount-controlled automatic release option. A return can be automatically released and paid.

After creating the return order the release of the credit is sent automatically (by way of agent determination) to the responsible agent or to another charge. A message appears in the agent's task list on the web that informs of a new, outstanding release for a credit order. The process is completed when the return payment has been made.

Your Benefits

  • accelerated and standardized credit process
  • reduction of manual effort by eliminating paper flow
  • release of multiple SD credits
  • value-dependent, immediate release of the return order
  • evaluation possibilities for all return orders

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