Task Management

Plan tasks, distribute and process them on schedule.
Regardless of whether a task is created ad hoc and has to be processed or if it is planned and possibly occurs repeatedly - it's quick, easy and reliable! You plan your task assignments as if you were writing an email in TaskManager and send them to the responsible agent. From this moment on you can track the processing progress.

How it works

Let us suppose that an offer should be created and that several employees should be involved with different activities. The requirements need to be tested. In order to create a solution concept, technical requirements need to be clarified, the delivery is to be ensured and financial calculations must be made. All these steps must be carried out by several parties depending on the requirements and scope of the project. At the end, an offer must be filed and released. It is difficult to predict in advance who will be involved in the process when and in what way. But! It is not necessary to know that in advance!

With PSINOVA Task Management you give the job to its respective contact person and define the completion deadline. The recipient can in turn divide the tasks dynamically and involve other participants. Job completion must take place within the given completion deadline. Further subdivision is always possible in any way, but is always in the context of the original task. As the party that has set the original task you always have an overview of who has received and processed which subtask and how the overall state of the processing itself has developed. If the task is completed you automatically receive confirmation.

Your Benefits

  • all tasks at a glance
  • simple and intuitive operation
  • perform complex task assignments simply in SAP
  • whether project tasks, master data changes, budgeting processes, creating offers, production preparations or similar - each work-sharing process can be controlled

After installation you can start immediately! The PSINOVA Task Manager is embedded in SAP and is based on functionalities of SAP Business Workflow.
Anyone who has SAP user access can immediately participate in the process!

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