Travel Costs and Expense Accounting

Quick, efficient processing and fast reimbursement of expenses

Previously, travel expense reports had to be filled in by hand and processed manually. This often frustrated the person submitting the report because it required time consuming filling out forms, copying documents and receipts. It frustrated the agents responsible for the reimbursement as well because reports are sometimes incomplete or illegible.

With our web-based workflow for travel expenses & expense reports for SAP systems the employees can, in addition to releasing invoices, easily and conveniently initiate reimbursement for travel expenses, business expenses and other expenditures on the web with SAP. They can more or less settle in an "Employee Self Service" fashion. The interactive approval steps for submitters and approvers is carried out simply and comfortably in an intuitive web mask on the internet browser. Control of the procedure, all the checking and monitoring functions and full protocolling of the approval process, documenting, archiving and process history is consistent and transparent in the SAP system. Setting up SAP Travel Management is NOT explicitly required.

Your Benefits

  • Fast efficient processing and prompt reimbursement of expenses
  • Reduce processing times and costs through "Employee Self Service"
  • Time and manual effort reduction as well as a significant reduction in paper flow
  • Transparency and control of the processing process
  • Automatic verification in the background

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