Budget Release

Submit and release via web portal or SAP masks

Manual budget releases are associated with lengthy and non-transparent processes and provide for dissatisfaction among submitting and approving agents alike. Released budgets always have to be maintained separately by hand. This can lead to incorrect entries with enormous processing costs and to necessitating remedial measures.

In particular, the release of time-sensitive supplemental budgets for unforeseen extra costs is adversely affected by manual processing because the releases can only be completed when a supervising employee is present. Secure and transparent release processes are extremely important. Today's employees are often on the go. This makes mobile releases and comprehensive security scenarios for efficient process chains a requirement.

With a software-supported budget release process, project managers can create the requirements for the release in SAP. Budgets are available directly following the release without further inputs available.

Your Benefits

  • the responsible approving agent is determined automatically using release rules
  • email notifications inform of an upcoming, outstanding release
  • participation in the entire release process at any time, anywhere on both desktop computers, and/or mobile on laptops, smartphones or tablets

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