Purchase Requisition

Web-based Workflow for your Purchase Requisitions

Not all orders can be processed centrally through the purchasing department with SAP. The purchase requisition and ordering process takes place informally via email or, if formally, using paper forms.

Hard to follow and non-transparent processes lead to higher costs because, for example, any vendor can be commissioned without coordination with the purchasing department.

Price comparisons are often performed superficially, outline purchase agreements for more favorable conditions are missing or are not used. Or approval processes on paper or in email have not been saved in the system in a standardized way. When paying the invoice the approval process has to be run again.

One cause for decentralized orders is often the lack of experience or lack of access of individual users handling the buying process in the SAP system. Modern, web-based, user-friendly solutions that can be operated using a web browser on a PC, tablet or mobile device facilitate access to the buying process in the SAP system. We provide you with the ideal solution with the Purchase to Pay platform BANFChannel and InvoiceChannel.

Your Benefits

  • easily start purchase requisitions on the web
  • use mobile devices on the go
  • The data is protocolled in the SAP system

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