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SAP-independent user interfaces for tasklists, requests and release processes

Companies often use many business applications and information management solutions in addition to SAP. The trend shows that many companies try to merge as many platforms as possible to limit themselves in the technologies they use. SAP-independent web or - SharePoint solutions offer a modern and user-friendly user interface that can be designed for many applications.

Your Benefits

  • Self-Service portal for suppliers and customers
  • Requests can be submitted and initiated from a web or SharePoint form
  • Release tasks for SAP processes are displayed in a central web or SharePoint task overview. Notifications are sent via email
  • Customizable integration between SAP processes and external platform or processes: start and end, process control and history - Only the beginning or the end of the business process can take place in SAP
  • Do not use multiple media and run into the problem of data duplication as a consequence of missing integration with SAP

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