BANF Channel

The BANF Channel gives the ideal solution for workplace-independent creation of purchase requisitions in SAP

Streamlines Process – More Efficiency
Without electronic approval workflows purchase requisitions cause significant administrative expenses. Lack of transparency and inefficiencies through long distribution channels are the cause of paper-based requisitions. With the BANF Channel employees are able to create purchase requisitions with a web-mask in an easy and efficient manner. At a workplace computer or optionally via smartphones and tablets, employees can fill out a web-mask with all relevant data for the purchase and are able to start an approval workflow, which further along will be completely processed within the SAP system.

The Process

Employees who want to start the electronic purchase requisition process use a pre-defined link in the web browser. This link opens a corporate portal where all purchase data like base material group, amount to purchase, G/L account, special supplier, etc. can be entered. Additionally SAP data can be used to fill out the web form.
After the submission of the complete form the data will be transferred to the workflow and an SAP standard check (BAPI) will be done. After the creation of the purchasing requisition the buyer receives a new workitem in the SAP Business Workplace. Here the responsible agent will be determined manually or automatically based on corporate compliance guidelines. The process control and monitoring of the approval workflow is managed by the Object Release Management (ORM).

Further along in the process the agent responsible for the approval will be informed about a new task. This email notification contains a link to a unique, per-approval website. On this website the purchase requisition can be easily approved, commented on or declined. With the completed approval via the web interface the PSINOVA BANF Channel automatically creates a purchase in SAP.
If the purchase requisition is declined the buyer receives a new workitem in the SAP Business Workplace and can start a new approval workflow for the modified purchase requisition.

The Benefits

  • Easy to use
  • Single-level or multi-level approval workflows are possible
  • Automated agent determination
  • Optimized for tablets and smartphones
  • Control and logging with SAP
  • Use of SAP security functions
  • Fully audit-compliant

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