Vendor Invoice

Paperless Invoice Processing

Manual invoice capture, paper filing, high archiving or search function costs, expensive multiple copies or resubmissions become things of the past!

With our InvoiceChannel your processes become effective and clearly laid out. It offers you transparency and efficiency from the moment you receive the invoice to posting in SAP.

No matter how invoices are received, all of them are processed by appropriate components and interfaces using a standard procedure. Flexible release control with substitute rules or mobile release options ensure efficient and prompt invoice processing.

Paperless invoice processing simplifies and thereby speeds up approval and release procedures. Even complex postings can be processed simply and in a user-friendly manner with account assignment help, automatic SAP master data adjustment for bank data, payment conditions, existing orders and goods receipts.

Your Benefits

  • Saves time
  • Reduces operating and management costs
  • Complete process with the most important basic functions for invoice processing

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